Pin change required for activation of Direct Connect to USAA

:s So, I've tried to read all the related conversations, and I keep seeing the same answer posted but it doesn't resolve the issue. A few months ago, I had to switch from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect to resolve some issues downloading. Then, USAA stopped allowing downloads using express web connect during the quick-update. I've tried reactivating Direct Connect, since USAA says it no longer supports Express Web Connect. However. Quicken keeps trying to force me to change the PIN for USAA and then errors out trying to connect. The answer I keep seeing in conversations is that you don't think USAA requires a PIN change.. but your software keeps trying to force one.. so which is it? How do I get around it? Is there some setting that I am missing - either on USAA or in Quicken?
I've been able to 'fool' quicken into downloading the transactions by Adding a new account and then just linking it to the old one, and by going to the failed account and asking it to update just that account, but eventually, this is going to catch up with the updates and that won't work anymore, so how do i change my connection if it won't let me continue to use my old PIN? :(

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    I can't tell from your post but are you using your USAA member number and pin as your Direct Connect log in credentials?  This is different from the normal user ID and password for their normal web site.  Just checking to be sure.  

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    Yes, I am. The activation set-up still tries to make me change my PIN, and then errors out.
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    The leading zeroes bit did the trick. Thanks for the tip.
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