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Quicken not updating stock prices for ESPP or RSUs

Scott Member ✭✭✭
I followed suggestions in the forum on how to track these two. But it doesn't appear that Quicken is updating the stock price which would impact the balance. Both ESPPs and RSUs are tied to a particular stock and I know had to look up the stock to associate to both in Quicken.


  • Quicken Hugh
    Quicken Hugh Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    Hello Scott, 
    Thank you for posting about your concern. If you will please, give us some additional information so that we might be better able to help you. What year/version/build of Quicken are you using? (Help > About Quicken)

    Are both the ESPP and RSU from the same company?
    Is it a privately held company, or a publicly traded company?
    From the phrasing of your question, I infer it is a publicly traded company, but I'm not entirely sure.
    Please make sure the ESPP and RSU are set up in Quicken correctly and completely.
    If you have not already done so, please review each of the following articles:

    How do I add an account to track employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) shares?

    Tracking Employee Stock Plans

  • Scott
    Scott Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 2020
    Are both the ESPP and RSU from the same company? yes

    Is it a privately held company, or a publicly-traded company? public

    I used the information from this forum to set up both ESPPs and RSUs.

    ESPP: my paycheck is set up to reflect this. However, I don't think it's showing up in the ESPP account. I followed a process to do this manually.

    As for RSUs, Quicken doesn't offer this but there was a workaround that was offered in the forum to do this.