It there a way to switch to the old view of the annual budget?

The view on the annual budget used to show me each month and I was able to change amounts in each of the categories. Now it just shows and overall of the year per category like the monthly view does.

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  • Scooterlam
    Scooterlam SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    You no longer get this view (see image) when you select Annual View?   What Quicken version are you using?  After what event(s) or change did budget show you the presentation you describe?  Post a screen shot, redacting any sensitive information, if you please.  Wondering if you have R28.10 and if it has caused any issues.  I took R28.10 in a staged release but do not see the kind of behavior you describe.

  • jamajaw1
    jamajaw1 Member
    Thanks for responding! Correct, the view you posted is what I used to see, but now it's looks no different than the monthly view. Sorry, I'm not savvy enough to redact my personal data to be able to take a screenshot. I recently renewed my plan and now that you ask me what version I use, I realize I purchased the Starter version. I usually renew the Deluxe when I look at my purchase history. Could that be the issue? Maybe that doesn't have all the same features? When I compare the features under each to purchase, both offer the same for budgeting per the list, but I wonder if the Deluxe has more detailed options.
  • jamajaw1
    jamajaw1 Member
    Thanks! Yes, after digging a little more I realized that was the issue and upgraded. Didn't even realize I renewed the wrong version. Thanks again for everyone's help. Don't think I would have figured out that was the problem on my own.
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