Fidelity NetBenefits error

Just started getting the dreaded Download error 500 / HTTP-500 error with Fidelity NetBenefits this morning when updating accounts. Is this a known issue at this point or something


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    Getting Download Error (504) / HTTP-504 Error from Fidelity NetBenefits

    I have two separate NetBenefits sign-in accounts. Times are EDT:
    - @09:07 One account connected successfully, the other displayed error 504.
    - @09:20 Retrying both accounts: Both displayed error 504
    - @13:00 Retrying one of the accounts: the download process has hung up Quicken for Mac (endless rotating download sync button, and beach ball). Sent Help > Report a Problem... 

    And now ...
    - @13:23 I selected one of the two accounts in the sidebar and then executed Accounts > Update Selected Online Account (USOA). Success.
    - Selecting the other account in the sidebar and executing USOA was also successful.
    Quicken Mac Subscription • macOS Monterey 12.6 on MacBook Pro 13" M1
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    I'm now getting success too. Must have been a temporary glitch.
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    I didn't see your comment about the hang up - mine did the same and I had to force quit and restart Quicken.
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