Jump to other side of a transfer transaction?

Scott Rose
Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
Hi there,

In Quicken Mac 2007, there was a keyboard shortcut and/or menu command that we could use to jump to the "other side" of a transfer transaction.

In other words, Quicken would immediately take us into the other transaction within the other register for the other side of a transfer.

Is this possible in Quicken Mac 2020?


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  • Scott Rose
    Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
    edited August 2020
    Oh wow, thanks! That's very cool. :smile: I didn't know about that transfer column, which was one of the hidden columns on my end.

    I've also noticed that the transfer column (with arrow icon) shows up within the "Splits" screen as well.

    In fact, I'm noticing that there are a whole bunch of hidden columns that I haven't paid much attention to before.

    Any other super-useful columns that you've personally displayed on your account registers that you think people might be overlooking?

    Thanks again,
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