Converting from QWin Premier to Quicken Mac

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Quicken for the Mac has come a long way. I'm curious if there are any Mac users who were using Quicken Premier for Windows and what their experience was? In addition I'd like to find out what functions are lacking and if there are any functionality you feel are still missing.

Thank you

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  • John_in_NC
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    I've worked with both platforms, but mainly the Mac versions since its first version 30+ years ago.

    Since all currently supported versions give you free access to both the Mac/Win versions, the best way to try is to run both to see if the Mac versions suits your needs.

    It is very difficult to answer your question; what features are extremely important to one user might be a non-issue to another. Every user is different. Also, some people prefer the modern Mac UI, whereas some QWin users have a harder time leaving what they find familiar. 

    Your milage may vary, so I really suggest trying it for yourself. If you don't like it, you can continue using the Win version.

    Good luck!
  • HJR
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    Thanks for the reply John. I've done just that but I'm wondering if I missed anything. Do you have any investments you've managed in both versions and have you run into short comings in the Mac version?
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    Thanks William
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