having trouble adding categories

Here is what I am doing, and I am not getting categories in the right places (ie personal ends up in business and vice versa)
For example, I am trying to add a category to my business income I want to call "payments received"
I open up the Category List and click on New Category
In the category name, I put in Payments Received
I put a dot in the Income circle
Now I am trying to get this income categorized as my business income
I assume this would be a choice I would make in "Groups" but I think this is where it's not working........?
the categories that were already listed there are: Income
Then I added PP expenses (PP being the nickname of my business) and PP income. I tried adding Business income and it says I already have that Group but it is not on the list when I click on Groups.
So then I close Income and it ended up in my Personal income

Similar thing happened when I tried to add an expense category -- ended up in personal when I wanted it to be a business expense.

thanks in advance for any help!

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  • pdxmaven
    pdxmaven Member ✭✭
    whoops I meant "chose Income and it ended up as a Personal Income category
  • pdxmaven
    pdxmaven Member ✭✭
    That worked. Thank you so much!
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