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I'm trying to set up a Payment Account for Quicken Bill Manager. I go to Bills & Income, click on the cog icon, select Setup Quicken Bill Manager, run through the small wizard and eventually get to a data entry window entitled, "Payment Accounts for Quicken Bill Manager." I select the bank account I want to enable from the list and click "enable" and then fill in all the required fields in the data entry window entitled, "Enable Payment Account." When I enter all the required data in this field, I click the "Save" button and receive the following message: "Could not add payment account." Since I can't add a payment account, I can't take advantage of any of the on-line check writing/bill paying features. I'm using the following version of Quicken: "Quicken - Home, Business, & Rental Property" Year 2020, Version R27.42, Build, Membership valid through 01/02/2021.

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