In Bill Manager, what is the the difference between "Manual bills" and "Check Pay payee?"

In Bill Manager, what is the difference between adding a payee under "Manual bills" and selecting Check Pay as the action and adding a payee as a "Check Pay payee" and selecting Check Pay as the action?

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    Hi @Cassius.

    Withe the new Bill Manager arrangement, for many billers (vendors) you'll be able to download your bill online - directly into Quicken, but not for all such vendors.  "Manual bills" are those billers that don't make their bills available online, therefore you'll need to manually enter that bill into Quicken.  A typical example of a manual bill might be the bill from you local municipal water authority.

    "Check pay" describes payment for which you won't be able to make am online payment, therefore the only option is to have a paper check sent to that vendor.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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