BUG: "Bank Bill Pay" Broken for Sept?

Using the Online Center in the current downloaded Windows software, you cannot schedule a payment for any date after August 31 using "BANK BILL PAY." (I am NOT talking about Quicken Bill Pay or Bill Manager.) This is the free service my bank offers that allows me to enter payments for e-processing by my bank via Quicken.

So if I want to pay my electric bill for September 3, I entered all the usual info and the Sept. 3 date, but pressing ENTER does NOT record the transaction! (I can use the register to schedule an e-payment, but I am used to using the online center for that purpose.) I could choose Aug. 31, and the enter button works fine... but I am scheduling paymentsfor September now.

Please correct this with a software update!

According to Quicken, for "Bank Bill Pay" (not to be confused with Quicken Bill Pay and Quicken Bill Manager), this service is continuing FREE without any changes after August 31:

>>What about Bank Bill Pay?
If you use your bank's bill pay in Quicken, you can continue to use it the same way you do now. Bank Bill Pay will not change. <<

See: https://www.quicken.com/support/what-are-differences-between-quicken-bill-manager-and-quicken-bill-pay

Is a fix coming?


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  • BFG1
    BFG1 Member
    I am having the exact same problem. I have confirmed that my connection for the account is direct connect. Please fix this so I can continue to use direct connect with my bank to pay my bills for September and beyond.
  • dworsky
    dworsky Member ✭✭
    My connection is direct connect also. How can no one at the company have noticed this?
  • dworsky
    dworsky Member ✭✭
    Thanks, JRF, for flagging that other thread about Bank of America. Mine is Salem Five, but it sounds like the fix they are planning is not bank-specific. They should not wait to the last minute to release it, however.
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