"ACCT_cXX" Error

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Every time I do an online update, and then validate the file, I get a series of these errors:

Validating your data.
Quicken repaired damaged transaction index. No action required.
Quicken found an invalid transaction and removed it. "ACCT_c90" 0/ 0/1900
Quicken repaired some transaction information. No action required.

Then I have to run validate again, and I get this:

Validating your data.
Repaired your data file by removing a damaged category. Please check your category list for missing categories by going to Tools>Category List.

Presumably, the damaged category is a transfer to "ACCT_c90".

"ACCT_c90" does not show up in the Account List, hidden or otherwise. The bad transfer category does not show up in the Category List

The bad account created could have a different number: "ACCT_cXX"

There doesn't seem to be any actual damage to the file.

Should I be concerned?

Quicken Premier 2020 Build


  • markus1957
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    Short answer - probably not.

    This behavior has been reported when a user accepts less than All transactions downloaded into a register and also moves between account registers during the acceptance process. 

    It's a new bug but not a fatal one to the data file; some of the temp accounts that get created during the accept downloaded transactions process are not getting purged when moving between registers.  The validate process seems to clean them up without leaving any residual effects.
  • Launce
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    I was hoping that was the answer. Also explains why I don't get the errors after every transaction download. Thanks.
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