Payment to Amex credit card account is incorrectly posted as a charge.

This is actually a complaint not a question. I have seen similar complaints in the community about downloaded transaction behavior, but no resolution. This obviously a big BUG.

I have used Quicken for years. A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to Quicken Premier from my ten year old version. I DO NOT download any bank transactions. I manually enter everything into Quicken because I want a future looking view, not a rear-view image.

I have Quicken set for automatic software updates.

Suddenly yesterday, a payment that I entered into my checking account for an Amex credit card account posted correctly in the checking account as a withdrawal, but posted as a charge, not a payment in my credit card account. This is inexplicable because everything else seems to be working correctly and none of these accounts are newly created in Quicken. I have also used the credit card account recently with no problem.

I deleted the transaction and entered it in reverse - to the credit card account first, instead of the checking account first. The same error occurred again in reverse. It posted correctly to the credit card account and incorrectly in the checking account.

I deleted it a second time and closed down Quicken. After restarting Quicken I tried again. Still the same problem.

Today, since I was paying the account in full, I entered an adjusting transaction to zero out the credit card account. If the error keeps happening I will leave this account sit idle forever and create a new one in Quicken for this credit card. Hopefully that will work. This is a kludgy solution for expensive software but what can you do when the company won't fix the problem?

At least it is workable for someone who doesn't download transactions.

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  • Kurt3
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    One piece of information I forgot. Today I deleted all Memorized transactions for the Amex account and it did not help.
  • Kurt3
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    So my rant was unwarranted and I am embarrassed. You are correct. A previous charge in the account was in the wrong column and put it into a credit balance. I will get stronger glasses. Thank you.
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