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Why do I have overdue rent when rent transaction is reflected in my registry?

I'm on Quicken for Windows Home, Business & Rental Property 2020. I download my transactions from the bank which includes deposits for rent from my tenants. So I have transactions in my registry for the rent paid. However, I have overdue alerts and reminders indicating the rent for the unit in question is overdue. The Tenants name is in the Payee field and matches the tenants name for the unit. The category for the transactions are set to "Rents Received" and the Tag is set to the property and the unit. However, I have 4 months of Overdue reminders for transactions that are already in my registry for those months. What am I missing here? How do I get the overdue reminders to reconcile with the existing transactions?

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  • dwaccs
    dwaccs Member
    Thank you for the clarification...

    I clearly had a different expectation for how income reminders worked. My ultimate goal is to automate as much as possible and let the software inform me when exceptions occur. The plan was to automate downloading transactions and have them automatically categorized (This part is working beautifully).

    My flawed assumption was that the "Reminder" would ONLY show up IF at the time the rent was due, the system could not find a "matching" payment based on the Renter's name and the corresponding transaction Tag. That way, when I look at income reminders, I would only see and deal with the exceptions manually.

    If I understand what you've described about how reminders actually work, if I use reminders, I have to manually processes each of them every month rather than just deal with the exceptions. When I deal with multiple properties that equate to 100's of units, that would be VERY tedious.

    Sooooo... If I have this right, I'd prefer to instead just have manage exceptions via the reports. So my follow-up question is, how do I turn the rental income reminders off?
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