How to zero out securities value

I have closed out a small annuity and put the cash into my brokerage account. I think I did it all correctly, but it is showing the Securities Value as still there (still Total Market Value). How do I zero this out. The transaction shows correctly in the brokerage account, but I obviously did something wrong. Was looking for a way to attach a picture and don't see how that can be done.

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @Jackie Greenough,

    I think the problem may relate to fractional shares remaining in the account that should show a zero balance.  So I suggest that you edit the transaction that should have closed out the account (but didn't).  Here are the steps:
    1) Open the register for the account where you entered the sales transaction;
    2) Click on the sale transaction that you need to edit and then click in the "Edit" button on the right;
    3)In the window that opens look for the "Sell all shares in this account" box (see Snip attached below) and click the box;
    4) Click "Enter/Done"

    This should close out the investment in that security for this account.

    Let me know how that goes.


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  • Not working. It says Reconciled. Should I change that first? I know see where I can attach file. The check in "Sell all shares" goes away and I get the message that Number of shares selected is more than the available maximum available shares on this security is 0
  • So, I tried leaving it blank except for total sale amount and now this.
  • q_lurker
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    I see your IRA-Allianz account as a cash holding.  There should be no security sale involved.  You deposited cash; you received cash as income.  You withdrew cash to bring the cash to $0.  

    The Securities Value at the bottom of your first picture does not seem to be supported by the transaction list.  Did you at some time have other transactions for that account?  

    I'd suggest first a Ctrl-Z from that transaction list to recalculate the account.

    If that doesn't change something, then a File Validation (File / File Operations) on a COPY of the file.  
  • Thank you for your help. After hours and hours, I figured it out for myself.
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