Has your automatic backup preferences changed recently? Have a look.

Scooterlam SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
Using QW HBR R28.18...

I noticed this morning, after exiting Quicken,  that Quicken did not make a  backup copy of my QDATA file in the backups folder, as expected.  I had a look at my Edit>Preferences>Backup and found that the Automatic backup settings had been reset (or otherwise changed), as shown in the image.

My normal automatic backups setting is to backup every time after running quicken (1) and to keep a maximum of (30) backup copies. Now that setting is 5 and 5....  No idea how it was changed. I rarely go into preferences....

So....if you have set automatic backup preferences in the past, you may want to have a look at them.  Anyone else notice a change in their preferences, for those of you have have previously set them?

Digging deeper....I looked at the backup folder in Windows and see 1x and 2x daily backups as expected.  But, after August 20, this expected behavior stopped.  I'm normally in Quicken 2x daily. 

So I went back and opened a number of older backup data files and inspected the backup preferences settings.   All of them indicated what is shown in the image - 5 and 5 .....I was expecting to see my own configured settings.    

Only events I can see that occurred in the last several days are:  1.  On Aug 19 updated from R28.10 to R28.18,  2.  On Aug 20 started getting a new "in-app" message upon exiting Quicken.  More about that here: [link removed - not available]

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