Itemized transaction report for non categorized transactions is blank for year to date.

This report contained data yesterday. Today I updated to R28.18, and ran the same report. It's blank. Settings are the same. I use this report to make sure I have categorized all entries (I read here to check off notify in preferences - just did that but it doesn't help my current situation)

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  • ckaplan
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    Thank you for the advice - this worked (although unfortunately I had done a lot of work and hadn't backed up before the update (which took place automatically). It appears the update destroyed the ability to look at non categorized transactions. So I can choose to do lots of re-entries or try to figure out another way to get find this information (it's like noncategorized was just removed as a category.) I would hope that the next update fixes this. Thanks for the response. And for reminding me that I should ALWAYS do a backup before any update.
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