have to sync BOA several times before the OnlIne Balance is correct??

debbieg Member ✭✭
this has happened at least 6 times already. I download my transactions daily from BOA. Go to reconcile and the balance is off. The Online balance does not show the correct amount - it doesn't match the register. Sometimes it flashes the correct amount briefly - but then goes back to the previous balance. I have to sync the account several times and it will update at some point. Or - as per the quicken tech - I have to uncheck and then re-check the connection box for BOA. Anyone else experience this and have a permanent solution? This has happened now 2 days in a row - I'm glad I know how to fix it - but I don't think it should be happening.


  • Mark1104
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    all  my banking accounts are with BOA - I have no issues. 

    might be worth deactivating the online services and then reactivating them.  maybe that will solve it. 

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