Why is Bill not appearing in Quicken Bill Manager

My Financial Institution (BofA) posted my statement online a week ago, but it is not yet appearing in Quicken Bill Manager. I refreshed the bill, but it still doesn't appear. This is my first month with QBM. How long should I wait before considering this to be a problem??


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    Hello @Roger Paulsen

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. Just to clarify I believe you're talking about it filling in on the billing menu or do you mean it's paid and it hasn't filled in on your registers side? I believe it's the first option but I'd just like to make sure. 

    If the first option is the case first what I'd like to do is to go across the top of quicken and select report a problem. This will help us gather some more data on the problem so any extra details you're able to fill in the better.  Under the subject line please put Quicken Bill Manager as well. 

    As for the next step we can attempt to see if we're able to bring the bill in by verifying the bill to see if we're able to get it brought in. To do this go to the bills tab and in the top right you'll see a cogwheel. In the dropdown menu select validate online billers. This should help us make sure the bills actively connected and also refresh it if not. Here's also a picture attached below where the cogwheels located.

    Once you have a chance let us know which of the problems you're experiencing.  If it is the biller not updating try the steps provided and let us know if we were able to get the biller refreshed. If not we'll see what our next best step is. 


    Quicken Francisco

  • Roger Paulsen
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    Quicken Francisco,

    Regarding my Quicken Bill Manager problem with a current bill from Bank of America not appearing in the list of bills. Per your instructions, I validated the biller by selecting "Manage Online Billers" and "Edit Password" using the existing password. That worked, and did show the current bill. However, the list of bills still shows the prior bill. I refreshed the bill, but is still shows the prior bill. I did report the problem as you recommended.

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