How can I tell what QBM is doing at this moment?

I think I have finally removed the links to Quicken Bill Pay so it no longer comes up when I attempt to do something. Now Quicken Bill Manager is not nearly as intuitive as advertised. I used to perform all my transactions via the register. Fill the payment date provide the biller information if necessary then "sent" the payment. QBP would then make sure my payment arrived on the specified date. No with QBM I am not sure what i am supposed to do. I set up a "check" payment for an account within the QBM tab. I like to have my obligations automatically posted to the register about 30 days ahead of the due date. QBM did enter this transaction into my register, however, I cannot interact with that entry for things such as "SEND" the payment. Under the QBM tab, this payment is listed and is labeled "DUE SOON". Ok, I know that, but will it automatically send by/on the due date or am I somehow have to command it to be sent at some point. This will be the first attempt to send a payment via QBM due on 9/15/20. Information is available for setting up the service and I have done that. There is no instruction on how the day to day operation goes. First with manual payments and then with Bills and their payment for those billers I have connected to. Where do I look for this information? Next week it may all become clear. Now, however, I need to build some trust.
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