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2 Accounts, 2 Logins same vendor

Sorry if I'm asking an old question, but what I found from 2009, the link was inactive. But I have 2 accounts with 2 different logins for the same vendor or payee that I am trying to setup online bill and payment. They are due at different times also and I can not figure out how to manage them. If I could show both accounts under one login is even more confusing to my little brain, see below if still valid
"You should be able to add these accounts like you would any other--if you click on "Add Account" on your account list, you should receive two prompts, one of which is "No, the account is at a different institution or has a different login"--choose this option, and follow the prompts." As I said, the hyperlink is dead on this one folks.

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  • Dadwood
    Dadwood Member ✭✭
    You are the man! Right on target and set up as you said. Thank you! :)
  • Frankx
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    Happy to help!  Take care.


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