How can I add more checks to Quicken Bill Manager?



  • dougbr213
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    I am a Quicken Home, Business and Rental Property User and decided in late July to try out Bill Pay. Got message that it was being discontinued 8/31. Didn't seem to make sense to start up service for 30 days so decided to try Bill Manager. I have no issues with its functionality. I can schedule payments in the future if I have a reminder set up for them, etc. My sole issue is the limit on checks. I only need 6, as all my other vendors can use electronic pmts, but since I didn't sign up for bill pay first and then transition to bill manager, I can only use 3 checks per month. This seems a little arbitrary since that wasn't pointed out in the message about Bill Pay being discontinued in favor of BIll Manager. Obviously the system can handle 6, and I wouldn't have been limited if I had signed up for bill pay first and then transitioned. Can you please take a look at that? I have business and and rental property and I'm trying to use your premium product the way you intended. I wouldn't have had to pay for the 6 checks under BIll Pay because I am running Home, Business and Rental Property so I'm not trying to take advantage. Overall I like your product - this just seems like you are creating a needless and arbitrary frustration for customers, especially those running HBRP and Premier versions who would have had free checks under bill pay. I just need 3 more checks per month and your program is then handling everything for me. Thank you.
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    Hello @dougbr213
    Thank you for posting about your concern. For your particular concern, please do contact support directly for help. (We'll have to check your particular situations and internal system to confirm exactly where you are vs. where you should be, and then make appropriate adjustments.) The sooner you call, the better, in your situation. 
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