When is Quicken going to fix inability to transfer investment account from Mac to Windows?

As many others have experienced, Quicken does not support transferring (converting) investment accounts from Mac to Windows. This is a major deficiency in Quicken Windows, and frankly renders Quicken Windows useless and worthless for many (most?) Quicken Mac users. When is Quicken going to address this and add the capability for investment account transfers from Mac to Windows?

My particulars: I've been a Quicken Mac user for over fifteen years, running Mac 2007 on a Mac Mini with OS El Capitan 10.11.6. Yesterday, I purchased Mac 2020 download and installed it on another newer Mac running OS Catalina 10.15.6. Then transferred my QDFM via flash drive to the newer Mac and successfully converted the old QDFM file into Quicken Mac 2020. (This particular file had multiple investment accounts and thousands of transactions.) So far so good. Then followed instructions for File Export to Windows, generating a QXF file. Purchased and downloaded Quicken 2020 to my Windows 10 machine and launched Quicken Windows. Followed instructions to do File Import, found the QXF file, and import-conversion progressed. However, the result was numerous error messages which essentially said the same thing: 'Cannot import investment accounts'.

I now discover that Quicken states in their "fine print" that investment accounts are not converted. I've also been advised by Quicken support that I can manually recreate my investment accounts in Quicken Windows, ignoring the fact that I have dozens of investment accounts with literally thousands of transactions and price histories.
These are not acceptable answers - transferring investment accounts from Mac to Windows is a critical functionality.

When is Quicken going to implement full conversion functionality, including investment accounts?
Are there any other pathways to convert from Mac to Windows, including third-party conversion tools?
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