Real Estate Reports not balancing

I have several real estate reports I use to balance back to the overall numbers of my accounts. However, I have a split transaction that shows up in one report but not another. That makes the real estate expense reports out of balance and my CPA uses these among others. in the rental cash flow it shows the split transaction for utilities (part for business tagged) correctly. In the Itemized categories under rental expense all other items balance but does not include the portion set aside for business. It can be found in the general category but not the tagged portion for rental.

Would an image help?


  • Quicken Julio
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    Hi @tomwklose,

    Thanks for taking the time to post to our Community.

    To answer your question, yes a screenshot would help identify the issue with the Category for this split transaction.

    If you haven't already, I would suggest going up to Tools > Category List and reviewing the available Rental Categories.

    Next, bring up this specific split transaction in the Register and verify it is assigned and split to the correct Categories that allow it to be generated in your Real Estate Expense Report.

    Again, providing some screenshots of the issue will definitely help us understand the issue more clearly. Feel free to respond to this thread with the additional information. Look forward to hearing back from you.
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