Bill Manager vs. Bill Pay - Stuck Transactions that cannot be cancelled

Sadly my experience with Bill Manager so far has been less than amazing. I currently have 2 payments that are stuck and will not cancel or pay. Quicken will not close because it says I need to send transaction updates before or it will need to remove the instructions etc.

I am confused and frustrated that I cannot make a simple payment on the new system and honestly I do not trust that anything I do in the new system will actually work and process correctly.

As of yesterday a payment I had paid to Chase just earned me a 30 dollar late fee.

Also does this new system have the ability to schedule future monthly and yearly payments and actually have the system just pay the bill automatically or do I need to go in based on the reminder and click to send the check?

I was told by State Farm they refuse to use Quicken due to security issues. I tried to link to my chase card accounts but it refuses to link my account. I was successful with Discover and my Credit Union.

This transition seems to have been too soon for us loyal users of the product. I honestly have no idea if I have spent or sent payments as I cannot get status on them and I also cannot cancel them but yet have bills that are due. I guess I will spend tomorrow writing hand checks and hoping they do not all of a sudden send electronically and clean out my bank account.

Looking for any suggestions or to see of others are seeing the same issues.


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    I had one payment to a credit card that never showed up. A check number was generated and put into my register but the payment was never credited by the CC company.

    Another thing. I tried to make a payment but Quicken refused to do it because the Credit Card was set up to autopay.

    In another case Quicken would not let me make a payment larger than the current balance. I used to do this all the time because my register showed future charges (reminders) that I knew were coming in and I would schedule payments to cover these charges. Then there was some confusion about paying at a date past the next expected bill date.

    I also don't know the difference between "manual pay" and "check pay," etc.. Why all these categories? I just want to be able to make a payment -- as I used to be able to do without a lot of strings attached!

    It's all very confusing and I will probably abandon this bill-pay thing all together. I'll manage everything from my checking account or from biller's auto-pay option. Sadly, I used to be able to do this all from within Quicken and at the register. Quicken used to make life easier for me. I guess it still does, just not as much as it used to.
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    I did clear up my above problem with support. There is a way to remove transactions that will not cancel by cntl clicking on the yes confirmation to remove them after cancelling. That said that should be done after taking a backup of the file.

    As I see it - Quick pay is only for linked accounts that allow for this, I have found many do not trust Quicken for security or that is at least their excuse so they are not allowing linking. It seems State Farm Insurance is one of them.

    Check Pay is for a check to be mailed to the payee

    The part that is really frustrating is there is no support for recurring payments more than 45 days in advance and it does not seem you can schedule recurring payments via check pay at all. So as an example my rent check I used to send monthly automatically can no longer happen in the new system and that is one of the main reasons I use any of this and that feature seems to have been removed. I honestly cannot understand the though process there but I sure hope it is coming back soon.

    Also have noticed that on initial setup there is no consistency in how it pulls new bills from linked payees. I linked my chase account. It said there was nothing pending. I tried to refresh it and there was still nothing, I then manually did it from a different button and it brought up 2 pending payments. That is not reassuring at all. I have already had to pay one late fee during this transition and I am not looking forward to more because the app does not refresh properly.

    So I will try it out for a few months and if it all goes badly then it will be off to use my banks free options (remember we all pay for this now more limited service)
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