portfolio report by type missing some stocks that appear in portfolio value report

How does the Portfolio by Type Report choose securities to list ? Mine is missing about 7 securities out of 75. The Portfolio Value report lists all securities correctly.


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    The Portfolio Value Report can certainly be subtotaled by Type.  Is that what you mean?

    If so, the report can also be customized in various ways.  Are all applicable accounts, securities, etc selected including hidden items (if applicable)?

    Indexes would not be included in the Portfolio Value Report but they might appear in a Portfolio view.  . 
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    Hi DRMick,

    It sounds like you are looking at a portfolio report, where you've selected to "Subtotal by Security Type", is that correct?

    If so, the problem may be the settings that you've selected for the report.  To check this:

    1) with the report open - click on the "Gear" icon in the upper right-hand corner;
    2) select the "Security Types" tab;
    3) click "Select All";
    4) click "OK".

    The report should now show all investments with subtotals by security type.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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