Shares in Brokerage account Transaction view do not match Portfolio view.

I've tried several things to resolve this. I entered 39.334 shares for IGAIX fund as a buy transaction on my initial investment on 4/8/19. Portfolio view shows 31.875 shares for that date. However, the transaction on 5/6 matches. 38.484 shares in both places. The 6/6 transaction also matches. I just created the account on 9/5/2020 and am entering history off my paper statements.

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  • Mike Mowry
    Mike Mowry Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the advice. I took another look at it and found the problem. I sold 7.459 shares at a later date (7/26/19) and specified the lot as the 4/8/19 buy, which is the one in question. Transaction view shows the purchase from 4/8 and the sale against that purchase on separate lines. Portfolio view shows the net holdings which is the balance of the 4/8 purchase less the sale of 7.459 shares. Simply a matter of one view consolidating by lot and the other showing separate transactions by date. Both views have the correct total shares.
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