Adjusting principal and interest values in mortgage account

I set up a mortgage account for a new home loan. Payments to my FI are automatically deducted from my checking account each month. I want to match those with register entries from the mortgage account so I don't have to enter the principal, interest, and escrow values every time. But after plugging in all the loan details, the principal and interest for the first payment were off by a few dollars, though the total payment was correct. Any idea why this might be happening and how to correct it? The P and I numbers are not editable. Thanks.

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  • ftessler
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    There was only one payment so far, which I had entered manually in my checking account and distributed to appropriate categories (P, I, escrow). I added transfers to the mortgage account, so hopefully all the numbers will be correct for the next payment. I have to say, though, this was more straightforward when I used to do it for a previous loan using a much older version of Quicken. Thanks!
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