How do I get a *simple* transaction check register report/export in QMac?

I just want a simple register report/export that looks like the...check register. For example, a mortgage payment or paycheck deposit may have multiple distributions. I just want the net total on one line of a report/export. I don't want splits or sub-totals or groupings or category breakdowns or report headers or page numbers or... If I want a fancy category report/export, I'll generate a category report/export. :-)

I know I can export to CSV but that exports with the splits on individual lines of the CSV, not to mention the unnecessary header/footer stuff. It creates a lot of unnecessary effort to combine the single register transaction from the split detail. (Side opinion: a CSV should only have raw data. The purpose of a common data format like a CSV or TAB delimited file is to allow manipulation of that data and not attempt to simulate a printed report. Sticking in the header and blank lines just creates noise.)



  • John_in_NC
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    I suspect you have figured out how to print the register directly as a report. While simple, that is indeed big and horsey without any way to suppress expanding splits.

    This might not be the simplest method, but it should give you what you want: Go to Reports:Transaction, and you can create one by Account. You can choose what accounts to include, and what columns to show. This will show your (net amount) transactions.

    This might be a tad more work initially, but you can build a template off of which you can create similar reports of your liking. You can also export this report to CSV.
  • richakaye
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    Hi John,

    Thanks for chiming in. Unfortunately, trans by account still includes one row per split.

    I can muck about with a CSV but it just seems so unnecessary. I'm pretty sure a basic register report has been standard in QWin for years. It just needs to net the splits into a single line.
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