Merge security names that are different for the same security

Hello, I have many years of investments I posted manually. I have all of the correct tickers symbols for my mutuals entered. Now I am download the data automatically from the brokerage firm. The ticker symbols are correct but the names are different. So When I do a portfolio value list report the securities (with the same ticker) are duplicated with the slightly different names and are accounted for separately. Without having to go through hundreds of transactions, is there a simple way to fix this?

EG So if I have "Fidelity Short Term Bond Fund" (FSHBX) and it downloads as "FID SH TERM BOND FD" I want it only appears with 1 name as 1 security instead of 2 securities. Thank you.

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  • occativ43
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    Hi RIcko thank you!
  • Stuart Dole
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    RickO: Any idea how to select two securities on a Windows machine? I tried all combinations of ctrl, alt, and shift - to no avail. Many thanks!
  • RickO
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    Sorry, no. I know nothing about Windows.
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