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I have been using Quicken since before it was called Quicken, back when it was still called Managing Your Money (MYM). Over the years I have used both my bank (BOA) and Quicken to provide my bill pay services. Having not made any changes in this option in many years, I lost track of who is currently providing my online bill pay services. I could not find any specific settings in the current version of Quicken that would indicate my bill pay service provider.
With Quicken Bill Pay being terminated the end of August, I have been seeking clarification regarding what bill payment options are still available in Quicken. I have talked to two different Quicken Support Reps to get an understanding on this but neither one seemed to know what I was talking about.
It would seem that with Quicken Bill Pay being terminated that Quick Pay and Check Pay was our only way forward. However, after Quicken Bill Pay was terminated, I decided that I would wait and see what happen to my September payments and use BOA online bill pay as a backup if I had any issues. To my surprise, all eight (8) of my September payments from our BOA checking account have been paid via on time, as expected.
And, in reviewing the Quicken Bill Manger screen shown below, none of our monthly Quick Pay or Check Pay payments have been used.

(see attachment)

Screen clipping taken: 9/20/2020 3:00 PM

This leads me to the conclusion that Bank of America is servicing our bill payments and NOT Quicken. (Good news is that I do not have any monthly payment count limitations with this Quicken/BOA arrangement.)
I now need to explore and see if continuing to use BOA will cause any issues or limitations in continuing to use Quicken going forward.
If there is something that I am missing I would greatly appreciate your feedback.
I hope this discussion will also help others regarding their online payment services understanding with Quicken.


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    You've described the current Bill Manager payment service but it appears you are using another option.  For FI accounts that have a Direct Connect payment arrangement set up with Quicken, you can continue to pay using the FIs billpay service from within Quicken.  You should be able to confirm that is how your BofA accounts are set up by reviewing the accounts list under Tools.  Also, the status link for each Sepember payment transaction in the corresponding account register(s) should indicate BofA online billpay was used.

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    :) jrich75,

    Thanks for your timely response.

    I was describing the current Bill Manager service along with providing some details related to using another bill pay service, i.e. BOA. You have confirmed my suspicion that I was using BOA bill pay services, even though both Quicken and BOA reps could not confirm this for me. (A bit scary!)

    1. The Account List under Tools did indicate that I was using BOA checking for online bill payment.

    2. My register status links did reference BOA: for further information contact BOA.

    Many thanks for helping me bring this to closure.
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