automatic Income reminders have stopped working

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    I have old Automatic Income reminders that have stopped working. Leaving it as is I defined a new Automatic Income Reminder with a slightly different Payer Name but all else the same. Both defined with automatic entry 3 days in advance. Neither one works and I have to manually enter the transaction. I have stopped and restarted Quicken Premier 2020 R29.12 Build and rebooted my PC. Is there a fix for this issue?
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    RE: Automatic Income Reminders:
    I saved a copy of my File for restore if needed and ran the Validate process against the live/current file. After that the Automatic Income Reminder posted to its ledger automatically (it was scheduled to post to ledger 3 days in advance of tomorrow's date). Here is the result of the Validate (DATA_LOG.TXT):

    [Tue Sep 22 12:15:00 2020]

    File: "C:\Users\Kerry\Documents\Quicken\FAMILY"

    Validating your data.
    No errors.

    The old file was corrupt and only some of the data has been recovered.

    All internal consistency checks passed.

    [Tue Sep 22 12:16:07 2020]
    2 scheduled transactions corrected
    No out-of-range security references found.

    Validation has completed.
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    Suspecting that your data file had become damaged, I was just about to recommend a "fine-tooth" file validation, see Step (2) of

    Troubleshooting 101 - Fixing Software Installation and Data File Problems

    but you beat me to it. Glad to hear that you were able to fix the issue. Please keep us posted if you encounter any other problems.
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