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I'm using Mac Version 5.18.0 (Build 518.35901.100), with most recent update. The electronic bill came in with a service fee of $1. That fee is not being charged by my payee (who's been accepting electronic transactions from me for more than 15 years), and Quicken support claims Quicken doesn't charge the fee. Apparently, BillGo, the third party developer/service is able to charge the fee. Anyone else having this issue?

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  • Quicken Hugh
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    Hello @pamr
    Thank you for posting about your concern. Let's examine this a bit more to better figure out the root cause of this mysterious service fee.

    Please log into Quicken.com > Sign In > My Account.
    On the My Account screen, as you scroll down the page, you will see everything that you are subscribed to/paying for with Quicken Inc., yes? There are no $1 service fees from Quicken.

    "Apparently, BillGo, the third party developer/service is able to charge the fee."
    Sorry, to gently correct you, your supposition is not accurate.

    Our contract with BillGo prohibits them from tacking on an additional fee. BillGo will not tack additional charges from BillGo, ever.

    In some rare cases there may be an additional charge when paying a bill through BillGo (QBM), but the charges are from the biller (or possibly the billers' financial institution) never from BillGo.

  • pamr
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    Hi Hugh,
    Thank you for your response. Here is the issue for me: the payee (cable/internet utility) has been paid electronically by me for more than 15 years, first through my bank's bill pay and then through Quicken Bill Pay. There was never a service fee assessed or charged until now. I researched this with the vendor and they do not charge a fee, their bank does not charge a fee, and has never charged a fee.

    While you may not think it a reasonable conclusion, the only thing that's changed is QBM and BillGo service so that's the source of the issue. Without question, the deployment has been particularly rocky with numerous issues linking with financial institutions (Chase, Citi,, Bank of America to name a few) and other vendors. Could this be a programming error? Certainly could be. The beta testing, according to Quicken Support, was, at best, rushed and so there will be lots of updates coming.

    As the moderator of this group and Quicken employee it would be appropriate for you to escalate this to the development team to get resolution. Something is amiss, and should be fixed. Not because it's $1, but because a customer (in this case since Intuit desktop version 1999) has shown support the issue (including screenshared verification with the payee) and it deserves resolution.

    How about it, Hugh, can you do that and post the resolution here?

    Thank you.
  • pamr
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    Thank you for your response. I did go to the vendor, prior to receiving your response, and so that.
    How did you know that the QuickPay process is to set up the authorized account as a payment account on the payees website? Was it your experience or did you read that somewhere?
    Thank you, again.
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    By observation and the fee issue on my utility.  I believe there was one post where a Quicken rep acknowledged the process.  There are several old posts regarding QuickPay issues where it came up.  If I can find the acknowledgement, I'll add a link to this post.

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