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OK, in the first 24 hours, I have linked all my accounts treated things and started cleaning up and making clean-up notes on the data. I noticed that the linked accounts only include 45-90 days of data but my card provider offers the option to export to a format I could import directly so I have imported all the credit card transactions to Jan 1. My bank account is linked but the data only goes back to June 30 and the bank does not offer export to any formats except XLS, CSV or PDF. I downloaded the CSV file and rearranged the data and changed the headers to match the Quicken CSV export format - is the the correct format to use to import the Jan 1 to June 29 transactions? It looks like concerting to QXF would be the better option to import (vs. QIF) but I'm not certain? Also, what is the best recommendation on a CSV to QXF (or QIF) converter? I will make a backup just before trying the import to be safe.

I also noted the "Adjustment" category of transactions which established opening balances for the accounts. When I import the data, it will be added on top of data based on the opening balance established when the account was linked. What will the impact, on the correct account balance, of the data import?

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    First 24 hours? Switch on the Jakes and slow down a bit!

    I suspect you mean QFX files, as that is the file format for importing transactions. (QXF does exist, but is an interchange format and not for importing transactions.) 

    Using CSV won't work-that is a one time (initial) import method not intended for importing transactions. If your bank doesn't offer older transactions in QFX format, then manual entry is likely your best option. The good side is that you get familiar with transaction entry :-) 

    As for your opening balance Adjustment Balance: that will correctly update as you add in older transactions. It will always remain the oldest transaction with an amount so the balance reported from your bank is correct.

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    Thanks! Yes - this is still all new to me and I thought I needed a QFX file but I saw one article that implied that QXF was preferred. I did see that I can't import the data from a CSV file and since my bank only offers CSV, XLS or PDF formats, I am also looking to confirm the proper file format (order of the columns and headers) and for a recommendation for a good converter app to do the one-time QFX conversion needed to avoid the time required to manually recreate all the transactions from Jan 1 to June 30.
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