Projected Balance Report - Inaccurate

In report: Bills & Income Reminders/Monthly Bills & Deposits/October 2020 I currently display the graphical balance of the checking account I use to pay all my bills. The graph alerts me to a negative projected balance (-$1289.08) on 10/24.

However, the primary check register for that account says that the balance will be $2,973.28.

The problem seems to arise on 10/10 where the balance reported drops from about $5000 down to $254. The transactions in the account on that day are about $250 -- and no way can explain a $4,700 change in the projected balance.

I have "supervalidated" my data account. Same problem. I trouble shot a similar problem previously. There are no "hidden bills" from the past that I can find. I've attached a view of the offending report.



  • Frankx
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    Hi @Paul Smith2

    Obviously, that graph doesn't appear to agree with the data presented. However, if you have scheduled transfers from the account in question dated 10/10 and 10/24 that may provide some explanation.

    Beyond that, I have no way of determining what, if anything may or may not be wrong with your Quicken file.  Sorry.


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  • jrich75
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    Do the Bills & Income Tab, Projected Balance and/or you October calendar show a similar picture?
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  • Paul Smith2
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    Thanks for the "clue". In the calendar view, I discovered a number of transactions from past "bill reminders" that showed up. When I deleted those reminders from the "Bills and Income Reminders" tool, the projected balance again squared with the check register. I've been a Quicken user for many years, never stumbled on this issue before .... so thanks..

    Part of the reason I stumbled on this recently is the new Quicken Bill Pay service. The previous Metevante service cleared out the bill reminder when I paid it. Apparently the new service doesn't bother to do that.

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