How do I convert a mutual fund to its equivalent ETF

On May 2019 Vanguard converted 3 of my mutual funds to its equivalent ETF. The conversion is not taxable. The transactions were recorded as a buy for the ETF and I did not realized, from the download, that they were a conversion. An equivalent transaction did not download removing shares from the Fund. My Quicken portfolio shows I own the fund and the ETF. On 9/1/20, a new account was opened and all investments were transferred to it. Noting that some holdings from my original account were missing, when comparing my Quicken portfolio with a Vanguard report, I realized that the conversion was not recorded in Quicken. How do I record the conversion? Do I use the original date? What information do I need to record the transactions? I want to keep the cost information.


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    Generally, remove shares of mutual fund and add shares of ETF.  Cost basis can be preserved in the Add Shares input window.  The most accurate way to do this is a remove/add for each lot of the mutual fund.  Further complication arises if you had non-covered shares that were converted.
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    a)  Backup your current file.  That is for self protection of the later steps do not turn out as you expect.
    b)  Yes, you use the original dates.  Strictly speaking you would use the original accounts, but depending on your real needs (trusting the Vanguard year end reports and tax statements versus wanting your own confirmation of same, etc.), you may be able to just create this in the new account.

    Does this involve originally two accounts?  Possibly a Vanguard mutual fund account and a Vanguard brokerage account?  If two accounts at the time (May 2019), were the two accounts both represented in Quicken for that time period? How to do this may vary depending on those answers. 

    If one account, you may be able to use either a Mutual fund conversion or a Corporate Acquisition macro-transaction, possibly with some corrections.

    The basic information needed is either share ratio for the conversion or the number of ETF shares received for the number of MF shares given up.  Share prices for the two may also be helpful for the date of the conversion.    
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    Just for clarification -
    Did you....
    A - request that your Vanguard MF funds be converted to their respective ETFs ?
    B - request that your Vanguard MF Only legacy account
    be "transitioned" to the new "brokerage" account ?

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