How do I remove an account from Bills and Income that failed to link

About a month ago I tried to add my credit union to Quicken Premier. I should have entered it as a Check Pay account since I get no invoices or statements. I simply send them a check once a month. However, I tried to link this account to the Credit Union and the link failed since I don't get statements. For the last month it has been listed at the top of the Bills and Income screen under "Needs Attention". I want to remove the attempted link from the Bills and Income/Needs Attention screen without removing the account from Quicken completely. I have not found anyway to do this. I was hoping that over time the attempted link would just disappear, but it's still there after a month. Any suggestions on how I can get rid of this entry?


  • jrich75
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    Have you tried Manage Online Billers from the Gear icon to remove it?  I don't remember whether that brings up bills in the Needs Attention mode but I believe it does.  If not, then I'd suggest Validate Online Billers.  

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  • Richard174
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    I will try both suggestions. Thanks

    Update: Your first suggestion worked and I removed the attempted link without removing the credit union completely. I will still be able to use Check Pay with the account. Thanks
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