How do you change the bank account where the monthly Bill Pay amount is deducted?

I cannot change the bank and account where the monthly Bill Pay amount is deducted. My account info shows my current bank account but no option to change to a different bank and account. The CSR said Bill Pay can no longer be deducted from a bank account. It must be deducted from a credit card or PayPal. Do I have to cancel my subscription, then re-subscribe with the bank and account that I want?


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    Hi @rrosalli,

    Are you aware that Quicken [removed - inaccurate; QBP was discontinued by the third-party provider] switched to a new provider while changing the name to Quicken Bill Manager?  If you want to continue paying bills through Quicken's bill payment program (as opposed to using your bank's bill payment facility) you need to signup with Q Bill Manager.  To do that:

    1) Go to the "Bills & Income" tab;
    2) Click on the "Gear" icon in the upper right of the window;
    3) Click on "Set up Quicken Bill Manager:
    4) Follow the prompts.

    Let us know if you have any follow questions.


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    Thanks for the response. I've already set up Bill Manager and I've changed my monthly bills to be deducted from my new bank account.

    What I can't change is the deduction of the $9.95 Bill Pay monthly fee to my new bank. The info about the auto renewal of Quicken and the fee for Bill Pay Plus are accessible in "My Account" but there is no option to change where the Bill Pay fee is withdrawn. The only thing I can see is to cancel my current Bill Pay and set it up again with my new bank account but I hesitate to do that because I had a very bad experience with Bill Pay the last time I changed banks. Quicken froze my Quicken account and it was terrible getting everything resolved. The CSR also told me that the only options for Bill Pay now are deduction from a credit card or Pay Pal although the monthly cnarge is continuing to be deducted from my old bank account. I can't keep that account open only for the Bill Pay deduction!

    Thanks for any help
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    Check with your bank.  That charge might be a bank charge not Quicken or Bill Pay.  

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    What program level and revision are you on?  What does the Bill Manager section of your account say?  Mine says: BillPay Standard, Special Benefit for Quicken Premier
    I do not pay monthly and my only subscription payment options are Credit Card or Paypal so I would guess that when Quicken does offer a new payment option for additional Quick/Check Pay payments they will likely use the same method for it.  You may need to switch the monthly charges (a holdover from the old QBP system) to a credit card rather than your new bank.  I would try Quicken Support again and hope to get a better representative to help make the switch.

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    Just FYI-I called Quicken Support again. My CSR (who was so much better than the other 5!!!) needed to finally to someone in account services to give her authorization to change my Bill Pay fee to my new bank account. As far as she knew, it should be an option. No one could figure out why I could not do this so this incident has been escalated because probably others cannot do this either. This was a 6 hour-at least- time suck for something that should have been a simple do it yourself change to my account.
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