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Running Quicken v5.18.2 on my Mac I frequently come across the situation where I've transferred money from an investment account to my bank account and both transactions have been downloaded. The problem is that the transfers aren't linked and when I edit the transfer transaction from the investment account and specify that it's a Transfer To my bank account Quicken isn't matching the transfer transaction from my bank. Instead it creates a new linked transfer transaction to my bank with the result that my bank account now has two transfer transactions causing the balance to be off. My expectation is that when I edit the transaction to indicate the account it transferred to Quicken would try to match the other transfer transaction downloaded for my bank account. As it stands I am forced to delete the downloaded transaction for my bank so the balance remains correct.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here?

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  • Will Fiveash
    Will Fiveash Member ✭✭✭
    BTW, when I look at the linked transaction in my bank account it has the Transferred to: set to my investment account but labeling this field as "Transfer to:" isn't correct as the transfer came from my investment account not into it. Some refinement here would be nice.
  • Will Fiveash
    Will Fiveash Member ✭✭✭
    Thanks for that information, I will try your suggestion next time I'm seeing that situation. As for my second nit issue, I'm talking about the editing pop-up. I've attached an example.
  • John_M
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    edited October 2020
    Thanks for the clarification. In all my years of using Quicken, I had never seen the "Transaction Info" screen you posted.  I finally found it by right-clicking a transaction and choosing "Get Info." I always edit transactions by right-clicking on a transaction and then choosing "Edit Transaction." This shows how differently people use Quicken.

    I checked both sides of a transfer and agree with you that the screen says "Transfer to:" for both sides of the transaction on that screen. An easy fix for Quicken would be to change the label to "Transfer to/from:" That way, additional logic would not have to be programmed to decide which end of the transaction it represents.
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