QFX Import of 401k files suddenly crashes into BugSplat -- What’s going on?

mrdresner1 Member ✭✭
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  • Ps56k2
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    For years, I have successfully imported OFX files for my 3 retirement accounts from my firm's benefits site every pay period.
    Just to clarify.... is that OFX - (OH F X) or QFX (QU F X)

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - sticking with R47.15 - Win10

  • mrdresner1
    mrdresner1 Member ✭✭
    Thank you, Sarah. Yes, the patch fixed the issue for me.

    My bad ps56k -- I meant QFX
  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hi @mrdresner1

    Yay!  I'm very glad to hear that and appreciate your posting back with the update :)

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