Continues problems with memorized transactions

The memorized transaction worked previously, but not since the summer 2020. Not entering many areas from previously memorized entries. All suggested switched on as suggested. Includes check # & category. This need to be solved..


  • Hello@David C Hitch

    Thank you for posting in the Community today though I am sorry that you are experiencing this issue with the memorized transactions. It may be possible that some transactions have been added to the Memorized Payees inadvertently. Check your memorized payee list by clicking on TOOLS/ MEMORIZED PAYEES. Specifically check the payees for the transactions that are not auto-filling as they used to. If you see multiple entries for the same payee, and notice that the specific fields are not as you prefer, delete those from the memorized list.

    Additionally, check your preference settings. Click on EDIT/ PREFERENCES/ DATA ENTRY AND QUICKFILL. In the bottom section “QuickFill and Memorized Payees, be sure that “Automatically memorize new payees” is not checked.

    Let us know if this helped!

    Thank you

    Quicken Diana