How do I disable the register 'suggested categories' feature that works with memorized payees?

This is a particular issue for me with downloaded credit card transactions where the category and memo fields are populated from the last transaction with the same vendor which are seldom correct for the current transaction.


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    You can simply uncheck Recall memorized payees in Data entry and QuickFill preferences to prevent the amount, category and memo fields from being prefilled from the last transaction.

    However, this will affect all register transaction entries and may not be what you want.

    If you want better control of which transactions are not prefilled, you can choose specific entries in your Memorized Payee List to set your preferences there.

    For those entries that you don't want prefilled, check Never auto-categorize this payee during QuickFill or downloads, check Lock and leave this payee unchanged when it is edited in the register,  and blank out the Memo field, click OK.
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