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I am trying to print "Accounts Summary" for last Quarter. I have chosen "CUSTOMIZE" and modified by choosing last quarter, but report only shows account summary to date (October 8) and report does not show the summary to last quarter. Has anyone experienced this issue and have a solution?


  • John_M
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    Accounts Summary is one of the old reports. You can tell that it is an old report, because the icon to the left of it has a grey box. The old reports do not have the same functionality as the new ones (which have a colored icon to their left in the listing). As you have discovered, this old report cannot be customized by date.

    Your best bet to get the same information (but not in the same format) would be to use one of the new Net Worth reports. Those can be customized by date.
  • RickO
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    The Accounts Summary report is one of the old Legacy Reports left over from the early versions of QMac. (Hint: you can identify these bye the gray-squares icon  in the report lists.) These reports were left in for folks who had previously customized versions, but are being deprecated. They don't always work as expected, but will not be further updated.

    In this case, I'd recommend using the Net Worth Report instead (not Net Worth Over Time, which is a legacy report). The format of the Net Worth report is different than the Account Summary, but the information contained is pretty much the same. You may also want to look at the Net Worth By Quarter Report which will let you view account values for multiple quarters in one report.
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