How do I remove/delete old billers?

Under the Bills & Income tab, I have a list of billers. I need to remove a couple of billers that I no longer have an account with. I can't find how to delete them from the register. ~K

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  • Zoolook
    Zoolook Member, Mac Beta Beta
    Under the "Actions" Column you will see a circle with 3 dots. Click that and select "delete series".

    If you're using Mac Quicken, and the payee schedule and 'bill' were created separately, you will need to do this action under both the Payees and Bills tab. On Windows you won't have to do it twice.
  • KentB59
    KentB59 Member ✭✭
    I couldn't find this info in the Help/FAQ section. Got it done. Thank you to you both! ~K
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