Security types problem

I have upgraded from Q2011 to Subscription DL and I am finding the same problem with my Security Types. I have created new ones in the past which work well, but I have created 4 new types and allocated one to my recent purchase - but it doesn't show up on the investing page. I have tried a lot of test buys with the same result.
Surprisingly, 2 shares that I sold years ago have suddenly appeared the Investing page and can be transferred to any security type!
My guess is my file is corrupt but Validation doesn't help.
Any ideas?

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  • shrubman
    shrubman Member ✭✭
    Many thanks - I thought I had checked everything! The security box for the relevant fund was not ticked - and the old funds were ticked.
    I have ticked the fund and it now appears where it should :-) And the old funds have gone.
    I will have another look at this tomorrow, but I think this is the answer.
  • shrubman
    shrubman Member ✭✭
    I wasted 5 hours trying to solve the problem, which you solved for me straightaway. But how an old fund could 'tick itself' in settings that I didn't know about, is beyond me, but that's the joy of computers. Thanks once again :-)