Running Totals Not Correct

Quicken Windows 2020 29.20. I have Banking "holding" accounts that I "Update Balance" regularly... the "Category for" is a checking account, so when the holding account cash balance is updated, money is either added or subtracted from checking. The transaction is entered properly in the checking account but the running totals are not updated. Clicking on "Reset" will recalculate the running totals but the register view goes up to the very first transaction in the account - thousands of rows. The running totals issues has been around for a while but the view change just started. Anyone know what the solution is?


  • Rich_M
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    My understanding is you are clearing your register filters when you click reset. 

    Make sure your transactions are sorted by date by clicking the date column until they're in ascending order. 

    Press Ctrl+End if necessary to get to the bottom of the register. 
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  • bwoodlan
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    That certainly is a good workaround. I'm still befuddled by a Running Total that shows, say $1000 subtract $50 (the adjustment from another account) equals $1500, which is the correct total if the $50 wasn't there. The sort order and everything else is ok. Hitting Reset or resorting seems to make the totals work.

    I can live with doing 2 more tasks but it should work properly without the extra steps.

    Thanks very much!