Finding investment performance after sale.

Prior to selling a security, you can just click on it and I see all transactions for it from the time I bought it. I just sold stock so the security is no longer listed. How do I find out if it was a gain or loss, and the rate of return I earned? I am sure there is a report somewhere that will do this, but I have tried several things without results.


  • Frankx
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    Hi @Mark256

    You can review the "Capital Gains" report - go to: "Reports" > "Investing" > "Capital Gains" and it will display a report showing capital gains and losses for your security sales, for whatever time frame you want to select.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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  • q_lurker
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    For performance metrics, I prefer Average Annual Return (aka IRR) available through an Investment Performance Report (user defined periods) or via customized portfolio views program defined periods up to 5-years.  For the portfolio views, you would need to toggle the "Options" to "Show Closed lots" to see performance for securities completely disposed of.