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Noticed that online balance is inaccurate but can not seem to fix

I noted the online balance is around 334 according to quicken but the account was closed a while back so online should be 0. Current reconcile is 0 but can not figure out how to fix online since the account is no longer active and need history.

Any help would be great!

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  • BK
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    edited October 2020
    One answer to your "how to fix" question is if you close that account in Quicken, the online balance will completely disappear (Quicken will set all balances to zero).
    What you are seeing is almost the expected behavior because Quicken cannot access a closed online account to update the balance.  I wrote 'almost' because of the discrepancy - and the assumptions are that perhaps some communication/sync error back then prevented the online balance in Quicken to update correctly, or you reconciled AFTER the online account was already closed and hence made the appropriate entries to make it zero.
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  • smtowns
    smtowns Member
    Online at bank no longer has has active account and is was cleared to zero. Last online sync did have the balance back in 2016 (yes doing old cleanup). I did make dummy entries for quicken and reconciled to show zero but there seems to be no way to change online quicken balance to zero. Quick shows as hidden account only at this point with online balance around 334 (wrong) and quicken balance as 0.

    Honestly would not care but the accounts list in the left hand panel will only show only online amount which is wrong at 334 but still can not seem to figure out how to fix the left view so it is accurate. I tried doing hidden accounts arrow but it will now sown neither account where yesterday showed 2 accounts. Sorry it is driving me crazy.
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