Account Details window hangs after deactivating Online Services

Quicken lately has not been downloading all transactions from my bank accounts, but rather only some of them. I thought I'd start by deactivating all my accounts, and then setting them up fresh. However, when deactivating online services, it connects to the bank, does the deactivation, and then the Account Details window just stays there displayed. There is no way to close the window. I had to deactivate 9 accounts, and 9 times I had to use Task Manager to shut down Quicken, and then start it up again.

I'm using Quicken - Deluxe, Year: 2020, Version: R28.15, Build:, Edition: Canada

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  • YingDave
    YingDave Member ✭✭✭✭
    Maybe a complete furphy but worth trying this... I had similar issues when updating the invoice forms in that save but the form stays on the screen and the main Quicken program is greyed out. Therefore needing the same treatment with task manager to shut it down. ie. it does not not crash or hang but the interface gives you no where to go.

    Randomly for another reason I uninstalled .NET & Visual C++ files and then let Windows update itself again to add them back in. Now my invoice hang issue in Quicken has gone away. Give it a try it should not break anything else as it ends up back where you were - but may clean up some obscure thing in the background...?
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