How do I record the T-Mobile Rights transactions in Quicken?

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  • Mikejl
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    Can anyone share how to record the T-Mobile (TMUSR) distribution of rights on 6/26/20? I ended up selling them but don't know how to record the acquisition in Quicken. Thanks for any assistance!
  • q_lurker
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    Scanning that document, I see they report the value of the 'Rights' as $0.26 each, it is considered a taxable distribution, and a 1099-Misc will be issued to applicable shareholders.  Assuming all that to be true and accurate, I would in Quicken:
    • Enter a MiscInc transaction for the dollar amount resulting from number of rights received times $0.26.  I would assign a category of Misc Income to the transaction, but there are a variety of possibilities there.  Depends greatly on your reliance on Quicken's Tax Planner and reliance on Quicken for reporting to you tax related information.
    • Enter a Buy Shares buying those same number of rights for that dollar amount.
    • Sell those Rights in whatever fashion and timing is appropriate.