Payee Category Assignment Not Showing Up

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Although I haver a Category assigned to all my Payees, I still need to enter the Category manually.
This occurs when I enter the Payee using the drop down list. The Category just I assigned top it doesn't appear and I must use the Category drop down to enter it.

Any ideas??


  • MontanaKarl
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    Assuming you are using Quicken Mac 2020... Categories are not associated directly with a Payee, but rather with a memorized transaction involving the Payee which is a QuickFill rule.

    Your description is a little hard to follow when you say "The Category just I assigned top" (??)...

    You can either directly memorize a QuickFill rule, or you can open the Payees window from the Window menu and there you'll see all of your Payees and if there are already QuickFill rules, you'll see a count in the QuickFill column. Otherwise you'll see an "Add" action link to let you manually create a QuickFill - which includes not just Category, but also potentially Tags, Memo, splits, and amount and the ability to set a default rule when there are multiples.

    When you select a Payee from the transaction drop-down, it will appear several times. The first entry is JUST the payee... no QuickFill data. The subsequent entries in the dropdown show the possible QuickFIll data that you've memorized and will fill that in.

    If this doesn't clear it up for you, perhaps you can explain more clearly what is happening vs what you expect and/or include screenshots?

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  • James114
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    Excuse my typing. I find it easier to explain by speaking as opposed to typing then to try to explain.

    When I enter a transaction in the registry I normally click the Payee field and select a payee. I was excepting the category to QuickFill but it wasn't.

    I found that in the Memorized Payee list I had the 'Never Auto-Categorize' checked. Which makes sense.
    But all is well, now.

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